Hydrogen and co2 disappear

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It is difficult to make steps for this is issue. As it just happens after a while. The gasses simply just disappear.

It is almost like scrolling away from an area and back to it updates the gasses in a totally different way when not viewed directly by the player.

Also closing the game and opening the game again can make gasses disappear.

I think a closed room with two gasses like hydrogen and oxygen would show the bug clearly.
Then filter the hydrogen with a pump and output it in the bottom of the room.
So the gasses constantly mix.
After a while you should see the hydrogen disappear from the closed cycle.

Maybe it is a bug only happening when not viewed by the player camera... I don't know if the game updates differently off camera for performance enhancement or something. It happens when I am not looking.


Steps to Reproduce
Just run the game for a while and you will see the hydrogen disappear in the top section with the wheeze worts. Same thing sometimes happens with co2.

User Feedback

I have also noted this issue to the point where the electrolyser doesn't ever produce enough hydrogen to pump to the generator. I have also noted entire caverns have their gas content disappear. I have noted it particularly with chlorine and hydrogen. 

Its not the wheezeworts this time as it happens without them being present.

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I have posted a bug about that


what the op having problems is with wheezeworts. I took a look at his save.

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I also have the impression that gases can disappear even without wheezworts.

I've (also) noticed many ice biomes with very low pressure of CO2, so low that sleet wheat won't grow. And it seems that the pressure is going down even if there are no wheezworts in the particular enclosed space.

I'm not sure though...

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my wheezeworts also eat hydrogen for breakfast ... or sometimes oxygen, or maybe any gas? preview build 260234. I attached my latest save file ... some weeks ago I build this and since then it didn't work anymore, I thought I was doing something wrong :D seems like there is enough hydrogen produced, but when you turn of the electrolizers and the pumps (left switch under the chamber is the o2-sieve, middle switch is water/gas-coolant-circulation and right one is the electrolizers) and the Oxygen is pumped out, it goes down to a few grams of hydrogen per square :(

The Radical Cosmos.sav

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