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Heavy watt wire & sonar panels impossible

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After the last update(I think) I can't build heavy watt wires on the bottom part of the the solar panels anymore.

I got a row of solar panels where heavy watt wires go all the way on the bottom tiles horizontally to connect them to my power grid but when i just added 1 new one i could connect it. I did not see anything about this in the patch notes. Also started a new game in sandbox mode and tested if dev mode and everything works but i cant connect a heavy watt wire to the output port of the solar panel. 

Is this intended or is this anew bug?

Steps to Reproduce

Build a solar panel try to connect a heavy watt wire to it or try to build 1 on any of the bottom tiles of the solar panel

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User Feedback


Ive found this too. Workaround is build the cable first then build the panel on top of the completed wire.


You cant plan or build a cable over a solar panel but can build a panel over the cables.

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