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Heavi-Watt Wire Circuit Overloads at 2kW, Tooltip says 20kW Max Wattage

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When hovering over the heavi-watt wire, the tooltip says max wattage is 20kW but my circuit showed it was strained after 2kW. I clicked on the heavi-watt wire and it shows in the properties that the max wattage is 2kW. I'm wondering if this is meant to be at 2kW as I previously thought the conductive heavi was 40kW but I checked now and see that it is at 20kW. So it is either a tooltip bug or a bug with the wire itself.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Check heavi-watt wire tooltip and see that it says 20kW max wattage. 2. Build circuit with heavi-watt wire up to a point where you have potentially over 2kW of usage at any given point in time. 3. Watch as your circuit is unexpectedly overloaded at 2kW instead of 20kW as the tooltip said. 4. Cry. 5. Turn EVERYTHING off, cancel EVERYTHING. 6. Build new circuit with blackjack and hookers. (Step 4-6 optional)

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback


Strained status (yellow color) does not mean the wire is overloading or even getting near its maximum load capacity. I believe it just signalizes momentary overhang of consumption over power generation but some things (such as batteries or transformers) are not taken into account there. Don't let it bother you.


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