Hatch wrangle glitch

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It seems that wrangling burrowed hatches glitches them. Wrangling a hatch moves it to the block to the right and although it is wrangled it seems to be burrowed in one tile to the right and up, hovering mid air. It happens almost every time and in either 1x, 2x or 3x speed. (screen shots of the fourth hatch wrangled by Leira)




I have no idea what would cause it... I first encountered it in a recent colony I started after the cloud update, in the first colony that was saved in cloud. But I had several mods playing that, so I started a mod free version to see if it still happened.

This bug was mentioned a couple of times recently (Hatch Wrangle to Burrowed in Midair , Hatch AI broken ). I hope it's not too much mentioning it again.


Edit: More moment to moment screen shots of other new coloniy saved local this time



Playng normally from start to cycle 13 doesn't cause anything. Saving while there are queued wrangling tasks and reloading, glitches hatches. I thought that spawned hatches didn't glitch because the first time didn't seem to be a problem for Ren wrangling the top room hatches.

At save point "Acropolis 1_" spawned hatches don't glitchAcropolis 1_.sav

At save point "Acropolis 1_hatch glitch" spawned hatches glitch Acropolis 1_hatch glitch.sav

While playing, without reloading nothing happenedAcropolis 2 ok while playing.sav

Save file before making Ren a rancher and before spawning any hatches Acropolis 0.sav


Is it happening only when I open it in my pc? Because it is happening consistently in these save files

Steps to Reproduce

Follow Leira as she wrangles hatches across the map at Lab 13-2.sav 

[Edit2] or... Have someone who can wrangle, have a burrowed hatch or spawn a new hatch using sandbox and let it burrow. Save during daytime. Reload.

Try wrangling hatch to see it teleport to the next right tile and get burrowed again mid air. Wait til night time when hatch tries to emerge. Watch it teleport to the right a couple tiles at a time. Save at night time where the infinite hatch loop starts. Reload.

See hatch being at wragled state waiting for a dupe to transfer it.

Lab 13-2.sav

User Feedback


I have found 6 versions of this bug in separate bug reports, I wil post this same message to all the bug reports in question.

The first one reported (I think) was "Hatch Wrangle to Burrowed in Midair" 

the others are:

"trussed hatch teleporting around"

"Hatch wrangle glitch"

"Hatch AI broken"

"Issue With Wrangling Hatches"

"Wrangled Hatches Bugged - Stuck Burrowing/Unborrowing and cannot be moved"

I suggest all reports should be combined under the first one. And everyone with this bug should at least follow that bug report. 

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