Hatch no longer eat and excrete coal or burrow

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Steam Pending

For some reason my hatches just walk around...

They've been bagged and moved that is all.

They dont eat resources. And no coal excretion.

They don't burrow at day time.

Serenity 7.sav

UPDATE: After reloading and waiting for a while they are eating and excreating coal again. But still now burrowing in daytime...

Steps to Reproduce
Open save file and watch the hatches behave... They don't behave anymore. Just walk around.

User Feedback

My Hatchs one day all just diapered. Loaded the game after one hotfix and poof, no more Hatches throughout my entire map now. Reloading old save didnt seem to fix this problem, could be part of the same bug.

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