Hatch AI broken

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Hatches keep burrowing and un-burrowing at night and then floating in space or burrow in solid tiles.

there is no way to wrangle them only attack. 


Steps to Reproduce

I started a new game today and at cycle 14-16 is when I started to notice it. I am not sure how to reproduce it but here is  a copy of my save. 

Quarantined Galaxy.sav

User Feedback

.... ....

I have found 6 versions of this bug in separate bug reports, I wil post this same message to all the bug reports in question.

The first one reported (I think) was "Hatch Wrangle to Burrowed in Midair" 

the others are:

"trussed hatch teleporting around"

"Hatch wrangle glitch"

"Hatch AI broken"

"Issue With Wrangling Hatches"

"Wrangled Hatches Bugged - Stuck Burrowing/Unborrowing and cannot be moved"

I suggest all reports should be combined under the first one. And everyone with this bug should at least follow that bug report. 

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