Harvesting Arbor Tree branches doesn't drop seeds

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I'm playing on Badlands map but got lucky to receive an Arbor Acorn on the Printer.

After a few hundred cycles of growing and harvesting, not a single seed has dropped - this is beyond unlikely (the drop chance is supposed to be 10%?).

So this is either a bug or are those simply not supposed to drop?

Steps to Reproduce
Can't really reproduce something that doesn't happen :/ I guess plant an Arbor Acorn to grow an Arbor Tree. Tend, supply, harvest for a long time and see that it won't drop seeds.
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I am having this issue as well. 5 or 6 trees were tended for ~50 cycles with no drop. Pips were added and harvest turned off. Still no seed after another 20-50 cycles.


All the seeds have come from the printer.

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Same issue, for 200+ cycles, I have one tree that keeps growing branches but never drops a seed. And I've had two wild pips locked in the room for a while and they're not doing much either -- barely eating (even though they're constantly "Hungry").

Also, the Critter Feeder doesn't have an option for Pip or for Lumber, even though the Information tooltip says they subsist on raw Lumber.


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Changed Status to Closed

It is intended that trees give seeds very rarely, and they will not drop seeds directly. Instead, the seeds must be harvested by a nearby Pip.

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