Harvest view ("y") takes many seconds to enter, every time it's opened

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If I hit the "y" key to enter the view that lets you change whether a plant will be automatically harvested or not, it takes a very long time to enter or exit - maybe 5 seconds and 4 seconds, when the other overlays are almost instantaneous.

Steps to Reproduce
Linux, Haswell (i3-4330) G45 integrated video; 16GB RAM. hit "y", then hit "escape"; compare this to "p" or "f3"

User Feedback

Hi, I've observed the same issue, and I believe it's associated with arbor trees. This is my bug report on it:

As a workaround, try digging up any arbor trees on your map, especially ones that exhibit this bug.

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This literally happens with every single world I've ever played, going at least as far back as the Cosmic Upgrade. It might be an integrated video thing, it might be a Linux thing, but it's definitely not a "some plants" thing.


edit: To be fair, results are worse in my current Arboria map (3-5 seconds to enter) vs an old CU map (1 second to enter, but still perceptibly slower than the "plant growth stage" indicator behind F10) vs a QoL3 map (1.5 seconds to enter). But it wasn't good before.

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