Hanging Pot Blocked [Build:364722]

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While planting a Briar Seed or a Mint Leaf Seed, on an Hanging Pot, I get the "Blocked" warning.
I had some Buddy Buds already planted on an old save, and those didn't seem to have problems.
Some Briar Seeds on that old save didn't have problems until they got to cold, even after warming them the blocked debuff appeared.

The plants appear to still give of the decor bonus with the debuff.


Steps to Reproduce
Step 1: Build a pot Step 2: Plant the seed Step 3: Debuff appears, decor overlay still shows the plant
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User Feedback

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Appears to be the same bug than this one :

Your plant have the "wild growth" status.

The bug seems random.

In my base, reloading have cleared the incorrect status.


Maybe there's some building sequence, or it's related to a wild plant that was at the sme place before.

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briar and mirth in any kind of flower holder(hanging, wall mount, and standard pot) are blocked for me as of Sept 4 patch. did not test other flowers

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