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Gulp Fish instantly 'confining'

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Starting on Rime, there are only a few fish spawns throughout the map usually. I found a pacu and gulp fry egg in a polluted water section, but chose not to immediately access them while I prepared to deal with the atmosphere in that biome.

Coming back to the section later, after that gulp fry egg had hatched and progressed to adulthood, the fish will always, immediately entomb itself in small, low mass blocks of ice, practically instantly upon digging up the ice patch. Prior to the BOFA patch, these small ice blocks would be dropped as debris.

Hopefully channelling in some hot water from a nearby salt water geyser can raise its temperature sufficiently that it doesn't make ice instantly, or moves to a position where it stops absorbing pwater, and I can also tame the fish in time so that it doesn't go extinct.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Start a Rime map.

2. Locate Pacu spawn in polluted water (if applicable)

3. Wait for inevitable Gulp fish to evolve.

4. Find instantly self confining fish.

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