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Grooming Station Stops working after time

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After an undetermined amount of time, my grooming station will always stop working even if it is put to emergency priority. Breaking it down and replacing it seems to fix it. 


Steps to Reproduce
After a few grooming sessions it stops.
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User Feedback


Same issue is occurred. Each screen shots shows abnormal and normal 'errands' window on green house's plant.


First image shows that stinky cannot currently Farming supply because outside's {Selected}'s room.



Second image shows that stinky is assigned Farming supply normally.


This issue is disappeared after game is loaded. For reproducing, need to wait and observe plant. I'm not sure reproducing condition.

I have played game after report but this issue is never occurred. It has been played from probably build#351082 so it could be fixed already.






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Found reproducing step

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Found reproducing step but i'm not sure it is same as SgtKeeneye's

Reproducing step:

1. Load 'Groom bug reproduce' game.



2. Give bristle blossom plant order 



3. Give top priority to plant order and hydroponic farm

4. Wait to plant and farm supply and observe the planted's errands each one by one.

Farm supplies have been not executed and errands shows 'outside {Selected}'s room or nothing






This bug can be reproduced by building other greenhouse room.



Groom bug reproduce.sav

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