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As you can see I created both a Grooming Station and a Shearing Station for my Dreckos, but both of them do not work, they simply say "No Critters Available", and the room has been constructed for about a day.  And I prioritized the Stations high to begin with so that they get well treated, but this bug seems to be causing my dupes to ignore this room.





Ironic Home.sav

Steps to Reproduce
I am betting it based on having too many Ranching Rooms, so maybe try to construct multiple Ranching Rooms, also my game is on / about Day 800, so that cannot help.

Status: Closed

This issue has been closed either because it is not a bug or does not belong in the bug tracker.

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click on the dreko and "show navigation" button
most likely your drekos do not have an accessible path to the stations

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