grill not increasing calories

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The reason to cook things is to increase the available calories from raw ingredients.

So I got 3 meal lice on to the grill (3x600 cals) and it produced a pickled meal with 1800 cals.  No change.

The recipe for pickled meal says the input is supposed to be 1800 cals meal lice and the output is supposed to be 2400 cals picked meal.

What gives?  Is it because of cooking skill? - if so why is that not mentioned in the recipe?

This happens on the latest version (rancher upgrade II)

I note that in it mentions that the recipe produces only 1800 cals.

But that is a player wiki, not from Klei.  They are just documenting existing behavior (which contradicts the recipe in-game)


Steps to Reproduce
Just get 3 meal lice on the grill (I had it on continuous) and produce a pickled meal.

User Feedback


Most things you cook on the grill increase the calories. Pickled meal specifically doesn't. It just "pickles" or preserves the meal so that it lasts longer. It should say it results in 1800 kcal in game as well. If it doesn't for you, that might be a display bug. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 12.59.59 AM.png

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