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Glass tile built at constant temperature

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Building glass tiles from glass seems to ignore the material's temperature. They are always built at around 45 degrees Celsius regardless of whether the material was at 1000 degrees or at room temperature. When deconstructing, the dropped material keeps the tile's temperature resulting in relatively easy method for heat deletion.

On related note: Molten glass freezing point lies 300 K below glass' melting point meaning within this temperature range the material can exist in either state.

Steps to Reproduce
Build a glass tile from glass right after molten glass freezes and observe its temperature.
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User Feedback

Yep there is a min max temperature for things you build when the material go’s beyond those bounds the new building is set to those temperatures.

i don’t think it has something to do for cpu usage.

but maybe? cause you can’t specify what temperature range the selected building material can have they do this. Since let’s say we make a deoxedizer and they use iron ore that’s already 370K the new building gets overheat dmg upon build. 

 Might be a gameplay/realism design choice. 

Though it wouldn’t matter for tiles so maybe I’m wrong about this.

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