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Ghost foooood (my storage box went form full to empty in a sec)

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So, I had food in the container about 44k. All of a sudden I get a food shortage notice but the indicator of stuffs on the right side still tells me I have 44k but the box is empty all of a sudden. So I save and reboot and now even my indicator of stuffs says I'm starving. So is this a bug, glitch or am I missing something here? I forgot to make a screenshot before reboot but here is one after the reboot.

Ghoost foooood.png

Love the game by the way! can't wait for new stuffs! (OK I can)

Steps to Reproduce
It seemed random. I did have a sick person walking around with the spores and was producing a surplus of food so it could also be something to do with capacity issues on the ration box. All other things probly didn't interfere.

Status: Closed

This issue has been closed either because it is not a bug or does not belong in the bug tracker.

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Unfortunately the game doesn't keep track of your individual food items. So if you have a food storage box with old food in it, then harvest fresh food and put it in there, ALL your food gets deleted.

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If you had 25 units of food at 50% freshness and added 25 units at 100% freshness.
You'll have 50 units at 75% freshness.

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