Geysers not spawning in new worlds

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I have created over 20 new worlds in the past hour of so and have not had any geysers spawn in. I have had the rock formations that they normally spawn into come up, but they do not have the geysers themselves in them. There is water inside of the formations at the right temperature, but alas no geyser. That is unless I am wrong on how they actually spawn in game.



Steps to Reproduce
Create a new world and explore

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Hmm, looking at the release version, there should be Geysers spawning in the world. I'll look into it further though.

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Put the game in debug mode and press backspace to show the entire map, look everywhere. Just cause you don't see one in the small area you looked in doesn't mean there isn't any. If even in debug you cannot find one then upload your save file so the devs can check it. Save files are in: %userprofile%\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\save_files

Enter it exactly like that into the address bar.

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