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Gas/Liquid Filter Crash bug

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

I started crashing about an hour ago, and I kept doing the same things over and over eliminating certain actions until i figured out what was causing my crashing.  Every time I deconstructed a pipe from the Filtered Gas Output on my Gas Filter, the game would crash.  Once I figured this out I just stopped deconstructing this one piece of pipe.  After about 30 minutes I started to crash again, I realized I was trying to deconstruct a Pipe from the Filtered Liquid Output port, so I took a few crashes to make sure that that was it, and it was.   

TLDR; Deconstructing the piped immedately connected to the Filtered Gas/Liquid Output ports are causing crashes, atleast in my game.

Save file attached.


Steps to Reproduce
Deconstruct the pipe immediately connected to the Filtered Gas Output (the orange input) or the same for the Liquid Filter Output.
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User Feedback

I figured, but the more sources they have the more it might help to solve the issues.  Different perspectives are never a bad thing when dealing with bugs.  It is why I reported it after all.

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