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Gas pipe elemen sensor with shut off not working right

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

A shut off, combined with a gas pipe element sensor and a not gate, filtering all not defined gases to the output of the shut off, lets selected gases flow hrough, although the signal is red for that pocket. It happens when the "overflow" (pipe through the white input) is not yet build, or backed up. 

Excpected behavior (and working prior to todays update): The system just stops flowing, because the wanted gas cant flow anywhere, and is forbidden to go to the output of shut off.

Steps to Reproduce
see above
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User Feedback

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I also am experiencing this bug. Pipe element sensor coupled with a shutoff valve should only allow liquid through a pipe when the sensor is green, otherwise it should continue flowing past the shutoff valve. It worked exactly like this before the most recent patches. Now, it is allowing packets of liquid through regardless of the sensor element.

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