Gas Filter not pulling filtered gas

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I've been playing around with Electrolyzer/Hydrogen Generator setups. I rushed my way to Gas Filters and connected all the dots but oddly enough the setup doesn't work. The 'unfiltered' pipe (Which should only contain oxygen in this case) seems to work fine but the Hydrogen seems to be stuck in the Gas Pump. It's hard to tell if this is an actual bug or if I just failed to setup this type of system correctly. See attached screenshots for details

2017-02-20 01_41_18-Oxygen Not Included.png

2017-02-20 01_42_39-Oxygen Not Included.png

2017-02-20 01_43_23-Oxygen Not Included.png

2017-02-20 01_43_42-Oxygen Not Included.png

Steps to Reproduce
See attached screenshots.

User Feedback

I checked out some other forum posts about the Gas Pump and followed a suggestion to restart the game. Now the setup is pumping Hydrogen into the generator but oxygen is stuck in the Gas Pump. It seems like the Gas Pump has troubles with a mixture of gases.

2017-02-20 02_08_41-Oxygen Not Included.png

2017-02-20 02_09_09-Oxygen Not Included.png

2017-02-20 02_09_49-Oxygen Not Included.png

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I've had this problem too.  Gas pumps just have a lot of issues I think.  A combination of reloading/rebuilding the gas pump/gas filter sometimes will get both sides flowing, and once that happens, it'll continue to work until you load the game again.

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Same for me, when using the gas filter to separate oxygen and hydrogen I almost always have it pump into the main output, so the gas that is supposed to be sieved (hydrogen) not only gets ignored, but apparently it gets plainly destroyed in the process, rendering the electrolysis setup kind of useless for energy generation purposes.

Had the sieve output work only once, and it seemed it was destroying the main gas output, too.

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