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Gas disappearing from pipe

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

I had a powerless gas filter design which i disconnected the ouput. I noticed the gas slowly moving out of the loop.

In the attached save on Vitaliol there is a central gas pipe from the top down to the powerless gas filter setup that is losing gas at the rate set by the gas valve(1g/s) it looks as though each of the 2 paths leading to the gas valve inputs are both being subtracted 1 gram of gas but the valve receives only 1 gram total

Save File:Crater.sav

Changing the gas valve to 2g/s renders an overall 2g/s loss


In the image below the oxygen pipe leading upward is not connected to anything, the pipe on the bottom is flowing right to left, Valve set to 1g/s


Included are 2 logs, -prev is with mods, the other is without. both cases the bug is still present

Build: EX1510-461546-D

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Setup powerless gas filter as pictured.
  2. Disconnect output pipe.
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