Game wants more than 490GB free

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My desktop system contains multiple drives and it seems the game may not like that.  All games from Steam get installed to my X: drive (240GB Toshiba SSD).  After opening the game for the first time the first thing I did was to open the settings to adjust the volume of the music.  (I hate loud music in games and usually keep it quite low.)  After adjusting the volume I got an on screen message saying that I needed to free up space on my C: drive for game saves.  My C: drive is a WD 1TB SATA drive which currently has 490GB free.  I suspect the problem is related to the game not actually being installed on my C: drive.  I'm honestly quite surprised that this is even an issue.  It might have been an issue back in the early days of computer gaming, more than a few games in the 70s and 80s did not allow for secondary drives, but I think the last time I had a problem of that nature it was in the early 90s.



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Found it happens every time I start a new game.


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Hi there,

maybe it won't help much with the problem but if you use mods, I still have the tip to disable them step by step and find the culprit causing this as I had this error before, too. But in general: It doesn't matter on which drive you install ONI itself, the game profile will be saved under your Windows user profile directories anyway. It's obvious you have enough space on C:, maybe you modified Windows to save the profiles on another drive? Though this would have made no sense for a normal usage. So, I stick to my suggestion: It's a faulty mod. Try disabling them. If that didn't help, try deleting the game profile directory and if that doesn't help it either, let me and the devs know here. I really suspect some incompatible mod... 

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