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Game crashes before even starting

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Once I click Play in steam, the game window opens and kept at a non-responsive state on a black screen. An error message pops up saying a crash report has been made, but I can't find any in my computer. I have to force exit both windows in task manager to get them closed.

I think my computer meets the minimum requirement, and I've tried all the troubleshooting steps, including re-installing Visual C++ 2015. My computer works fine with Don't Starve and Starbound (which I'm referring to since it was mentioned in one of the threads for troubleshooting for Visual C++ ).

I was super excited to play, and now I don't even get a glimpse of the starting page.. :( Please help!!



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On 2/19/2017 at 2:22 PM, Cheerio said:

Could you please check to see if you have an output_log.txt file?

As of update on 2/20/17, I see some fixes that seem like it should resolve some issues below, but I'm still experiencing the same issue.

Game crashes upon launch, no log file generated anywhere, despite the message telling me it has. I have deleted & re-installed Visual C++ 2015 and the game. Is there any other method I could try to make it work?

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