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On first, sorry for my bad english.

When i play, sometimes the game crash and i only can move the mouse.


My PC: 3db9ce66c4e269ff88f65f50b4dbfe03.png



Game have error log? If have it, where can i found it for post here.?

Steps to Reproduce
-- Google translator -- Before I could always play without problems and sometimes I happened to that. But now I can not even start the game.

User Feedback

Then you might want to bring it to a repair shop and get it looked at.

The error you are getting is "DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED, 0x887A0005, video card has been physically removed from the system" this means that either your drivers are bad or your hardware is bad.

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You have a video chip, these kinds of messages use video card but they really mean chip or card. As it is impossible to remove a chip, if this is a hardware problem it is a pretty serious one.

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