Game crash on startup

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On start of the base game (not Spaced Out) post update in October, I got stuck in a restart loop of a mod wanting to be updated and the game asking me to restart. I unsubscribed to the mod and was able to play last night with no issues. Today I got that same for another mod so tried unsubbing to that and got a general crash and option to quit to desktop. I unsubbed to all mods (I had three so removed the last one) and it still crashed with quit to desktop. I uninstalled the game and removed all folders with the name Klei in my appdata and made sure the ONI folder in steamapps was gone. I reinstalled and still get the quit to desktop on startup. I am not sure if I missed any files on uninstalling or what is going on. Same PC and everything I have been using since I bought the game and same software since yesterday when it last ran. Any ideas would be super helpful. Any logs you need just ask and I can post them.



Steps to Reproduce

Start game and crash with quit to desktop option. 



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