Game crash after loading and unpause

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Hello, When I launch game, load saved game and start playing (unpause) the game crash, asking for deactivate mods. Even if I do so, the game still crashing

I tried loading an older game save (manual & automatic saves) .. same problem

I had this error in previous games .. I've sent the report .. but now response :/ I had to delete the game save and start a new one.

Please help, I've spent so many hours on this game




Steps to Reproduce

Launch game

Load last saved game

Game start, paused

Unpause and crash !

User Feedback


I was able to load an old save, a 5 cycle rollback, and play a few hours

But now, I'm stuck again.

Still no mods, and the error message has changed (see attached screen capture).

When I load the save game, and click unpause, it seems to be working, but 5 sec later, the game crash

It's really anoying :/

Please help :)

Thank you

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