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Fueling a rocket en route..?

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This shouldn't be possible, right?


Petroleum filled the spots/tank of rocket that is not there and then started flowing to the rocket on the right. (also all solid oxidizer tanks dropped their content because oxylite was unselected on load)

Or maybe every fuel tank spawns empty on load?

Ill 613.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Take a look at the rockets on top. Unpause. Inputs of liquid fuel tanks are still visible and filling with fuel while the rocket is not there. Every fuel tank is empty and solid oxidizer tanks drop their oxylite

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User Feedback

2 hours ago, EricKlei said:

This should be fixed in the tonight's hotfix, if not please let me know.

It seems the already launched rocket is not accepting fuel anymore and solid oxidizer tanks are loaded correctly.

I still believe the fuel tanks in this save were full before loading because full pipes on load would suggest that, but I don't actually remember so.. 

566341933_onloadrockets.thumb.PNG.dbe667499e3326445752d7704c0c07d4.PNG Piping on load

unpause.thumb.PNG.714a8115cff680f9875b30404dbaa641.PNG Unpause

It should happen only the first time loading the save to new version though. I wouldn't expect it to happen latter on (if I get past the million other things that need fixing in this colony and play several cycles to confirm it, I will let you know :) )

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