FPS is being limited somewhere in the game engine!

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During the later stages of the game, frame stuttering occurs.

While it is nowhere that bad as in the previous versions (I actually closed the game and restarted... it was that bad then), the FPS is still dropping to 5-11.

I checked my PC stats... CPU working at 70% and GPU at 25%.

Surely the game shouldn't stagger at these loads right?

I'd guessing something is just limiting the FPS.

Previously, in the older DevBuild versions, the CPU was hitting 100% with temp reaching 77 degrees. (Great work optimizing the game BTW)

Now even though the load has significantly reduced, the FPS could increase a lot more coz there's plenty of room for PC usage.

Please see top left of the attached screenshot. (running latest version 261482)

PS: Also, I could see some screen tearing at the corners of the screen when moving in the game. Kindly have a look at it! Its not noticeable in the earlier game, but is seen clearly when the game lags.

Steps to Reproduce
Create a very complex system having pipes,automation,supply chains, 100+ plants, 20+ duplicants etc and you'll notice it

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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Firstly your image is a broken link. Also when reporting performance issues, please post your specs to use as a reference.

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Same here. And my comment (linked below) has screenshot and specs. Note that the Task Manager says OxygenNotIncluded.exe is using only <10% of CPU. Currently my game is on day ~118 and is hovering around 24fps when *on pause*. This sounds like it's hitting a hardcoded limit, but the variance is wide, going up to the 30s and down to the teens, so your guess about an engine limit is doubtful. Playing on slow, it hovers between 16 and 22.

Your theory reminds me of an old story. Back in the early days of multitasking OSs, the researchers noticed that after 7 or more people logged in simultaneously and tried to do work, the performance would fall off a cliff. One of them quipped, "The fix is easy. All we need to do is search the source code for the number 7, and change it to 10."



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New info: I just disabled all the useless streaming/capturing services that NVIDIA installed and set to run on startup as part of GeForce Experience. I also moved my game installation from my HDD to my SSD, and set it to full-screen instead of fullscreen-windowed. It's running much more smoothly now. See these links:




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