Found a reproducible crash to Desktop - Launch Update

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I created a Liquid Reservoir and it has liquid in it.  When you build a pipe from it to a liquid vent; as soon as the liquid vent is finished constructing the game crashes.

I did some more testing and it seems to crash  whenever I connect anything to one of the liquid reservoir input or output .  soon as pipe is finished bamn desktop.


No mods 



Steps to Reproduce
Build a resevoir. Build something like a ethenol distiller next to it. Connect pipe to both.

User Feedback

edit: This file still crashes in build 348980.

I have a similar crash. See the attached save file for build 348892. The existing plumbing system works (mostly), but once the Duplicants complete the build orders in this save file, the game crashes to desktop.

>Existing plumbing system has pump -> electrolyzer -> electrolyzer. Doesn't crash.

>Completed plumbing system connects pump -> bridge input -> electrolyzer, and the bridge output -> other electrolyzer. Crashes.

>Possibly related: note that water isn't flowing past the first building input.

348892 crash to desktop.sav

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any final connection causes it.  The workaround I found is use debug mode to instant build the final connection while game is paused.

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There is a pump at the bottom pool, currently moving fluid to the reservoir above it.  Constructing the pipe in the middle freezes game.  This happens whether the pump is on and the pipeline is full or when the pump is off and the pipeline is empty.

Attached save.






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