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fluids not moving past inline outlets in series, to next inline outlet

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This is a cooling application for space equipment. I pipe in 20 g/s normally, so that my temp sensor can get a reading. At >170C the shutoff turns on and another 100g/s flows in.


Thing is, only the first valve with demand gets a gas supply for some reason. The gas will not flow past that second inline outlet to the next valve pair.

I re-drew it like this, and now they're all working...

image.thumb.png.f3a860f9ac97a816e049b1d09e6ca858.pngAs described in body



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As described in body

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User Feedback


This is not a bug, and easy to explain. First your last picture. A line with branches to the inputs of your valves. This works fine, because the line is solid, and everything else is going away from there.

Now the picture with not flowing gas. 

This is passthrough through the inputs of the valves. Now a certain rule applies. A passthrough is always counted as exit node, until its full, and only then it counts as throughput. But because gas could flow in both directions from every input to any other input, the system stops to work, because the path is not clear anymore. 

You should always avoid possible flow between to ports in both directions.


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