Fish stuck literally doing nothing and not being processed

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For some odd reason, I have a fish that just sits in the pool   won't eat. starving debuff.   it has 100% reproduction that won't lay an egg.  (not expecting debuffed so it should lay it)

it says using polluted water and emitting water.  but it hasn't done anything.

And the age count keeps increasing  with no new egg. 

I have tried reloading and saving but nothing changed. it just sits there.

Steps to Reproduce
not sure how to describe a way for u to reproduce this.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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.... ....

Same here for me, on latest build at the moment in qol1_testing branch.

Here is the save file.New Horizon.sav


Can you also check - why is there a big lag in the beginning of every cycle? I call it morning lag...

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