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Fatal Error: Another Instance is already running..

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I attempted to launch the game this morning, only to be presented with a Fatal Error stating that another instance of the game is already running.

I've checked Task Manager, even though I have not opened the game in 2 days, and my computer has been shutdown each night. I also did a reboot of the system after getting the Fatel Error message when I did not see a task listed in the task manager for the game. 

There is no other instance of the game running. I'm able to launch other games from the Steam Launcher without issues. 
I'm not aware of any changes that have taken place to cause this effect; no updates (base game or workshop) are listed as being downloaded via the Steam application. The last update/change I remember seeing was when I purchased the Spaced Out expansion a few days ago. But I was able to play for several hours after that, which was also the last time I launched the game before the weekend started. 

System Specs:

Windows 10 Pro
B550 AM4 Chipset Motherboard
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
AMD Radeon 5700XT
32GB RAM (DDR4 3200)
8TB of Data Storage Drives

Steps to Reproduce


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User Feedback

Recently a few players had a similar issue where their Steam client was either running the beta or outdated. Since you were able to play the game a few days ago this might not be the case. Check your Steam client is updated (Help -> About Steam should say Built Jun 8 2021 or similar) and that you are not running the beta.

Start by verifying integrity of the game files. If that doesn't work try reinstalling the game.

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can be yes that this issue is with Steam. i todo little test and app self use simple inbuilt unity Mutex protection for avoid run 2 or more same games at same time. soo i guess what happens in here with Steam is that it opens 2 games either at same time or some other strangely mode

also that GUID what i talked earlier, as this is very specific for this game there no way that there some other app run at same time with same GUID.

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This happens when you pin the icon to the taskbar in my experience with this game. Launch from Steam games list or desktop icon and seems to be fine.

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