Farmer's Touch is considered operating machinery and not farming

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I couldn't get my Farming Stations to work and was about to report a bug about it, when I noticed that the reason why my farmers weren't using them was because I turned operating errands off for them (of course, I want them to farm, not to tend to heavy machinery). While Farming Station is sort of a machine, I find this

- impractical - How am I to tell farmers they are supposed to use Farming Stations but not other machinery?

- rather confusing - See above.

- and just plain incorrect - It's part of farming. Moreover this means that I cannot turn off farming errands for farmers because it's part of their job, but I can turn off using Farming Stations even though that's part of their work too.

Can you please include using Farming Stations in the farming errand?

Steps to Reproduce
- Create a Greenhouse room with a Farming Station. - Turn off Operating errands for all farmers.
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User Feedback

Yep I've checked that ingame with 2 farmers

One farmer had no Operation errand allowed and second one did so he boosted the plants

Also farmers need supplying errand to apply the fertelizers....

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