Farm Tile is heating up spontaneously!

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Attached Image. The farm title is increasing in temperature by its own. I Tried may things. Only when i destroy the farm tile in that location the heating stops. When i construct it back again, it starts heating again.


I could use it as a steam heater and power up the turbine though :) 



Steps to Reproduce
just construct the scenario as in screen. It was working find for 40 cycles or so and then it started heating up spontaneously

User Feedback

9 hours ago, bzzz said:

I doubt that there is water of 260+ degrees here. Maybe dirt of that temperature?

Its dirt the content of farm will change temperature of it

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Unfortunately I have the problem too, but always a different device. Currently it is my Carbon Skimmer The environment is warm but nothing is hotter than 85 ° C



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1 minute ago, Tzunki said:

Unfortunately I have the problem too

Did you do any pipe replacement before that occurred? Regular to insulated or vice versa?

I did noticed similar behavior when I did that: some new pipes started to cool down very rapidly without any reason causing it to break and one of my farm tiles started to heat up. It's like those two entities were transmitting heat energy despite that they were quite apart from each other.

And it all goes away after save/load.

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