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Extremely high temperature for igneous rock and infinitely spawning.

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I'm watching Etalyx stream the game when he came across a bug that is overheating his base and produced over 2 million kilograms before he blocked it off with a tile.



Steps to Reproduce
Unable to due to it being a bug on someone else's game.

User Feedback

I have no idea what causes this, but I did have something similar with dirt in one of my rooms. The fact there's a block just above it is not one of the reasons, mine happened in the bottom-right corner of a room about 9 tiles high, and mass increases by 1g/s. It also cannot be swept fully, it will always keep some mass.

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I have a save with the jumping dirt glitch. It happens pretty consistently in all my games, usually on front of the compost or above hot igneous rock or liquid phosphorus. I think with the phosphorus it's the result of phosphorus gas continuously condensing into solid igneous rock when it hits colder gas. Never seen it just in the middle of a base though.

It's the two clumps of dirt on the right side of the chlorine filled room.

A few of my other reported bugs in this save file too.

Jumping Dirt.sav


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Here's another one that's even more similar with falling dirt that's overheated (but more like 110C not 2000):

Of course, the problem seems to stop after save and reload so not sure if the save file will be as much help as you'd like.

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