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Exploit with transformers

  • Branch: Live Branch Pending

I dont know ,maybe that is your intention but, If you create several circuits with thin cable but each 1000w you put a transformer the installation does not suffer damage even if the first cable that passes all the current goes more than 1000w

Maybe that is your intention i just coment.

test bug 2.png

test bug1.png

Steps to Reproduce
Installation with power supply, put a transformer, put different electrical components with thin wire and reach 1000w, put another transformer and more electrical components and so on, the cable will not suffer damage due to overload even if it passes more than 1kw through the first cable to Feed the following facilities
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User Feedback

This is a special case of a broader bug already reported, and the problem is not with transformers, it's that circuits don't check overloads from generation, batteries, or transformer consumption, only from direct device consumption.

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