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I just bought and downloaded the game off Steam Yesterday 16 MAR. It says every menu item is missing and has crashed. I am going to attach screenshots. I know this game will work on my laptop if I can play Dragonball Xenoverse 2 and Project Cars with no problems. I am also attaching my DxDiag



DxDiag 17 MAR 2017.txt



So I have got the game to work, but it will only work on my laptops display. normally I have my laptop extended on my TV. The minute I unplugged my HDMI and loaded the game, works perfectly. Connect to an external display, and those Crash Images occur.

Steps to Reproduce
simply just launching the game

User Feedback


2 hours ago, AlexRou said:

Did you try repairing the game in steam?

Yes I did I had all the files Verified and I even completely deleted the game and reinstalled it!

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The logs and error messages implies that it can't find/load the resources. Which got me thinking ... maybe its a antivirus blocking the game or your HDD/SSD is getting corrupted somehow.

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