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So I have a water filtration pump to filter the contaminated water and turn it into water, but I have built it and it's not receiving any of the sand it needs. I tried to disable the building and re-enable it and still no one delivers it. I also tried deconstructing it and rebuilding it and I have the same problem

2017-02-18 (1).png

Steps to Reproduce
Build the water purifier and wait to see if anyone delivers the sand material. Try to disable the building and then re-enable it. Also try to destroy it and rebuild it.

User Feedback

If you look at the picture everything is all set and I have sufficient energy as well. Also the pump is in the contaminated water that needs to be pumped. They usually send the materials first before the machine can be used or how else is it going to work without the sand first being in there?

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2 hours ago, HabdomeRaider said:

I think the dupes won't fill the filtration system with sand until there's water ready to be cleaned. Your pump appears to not be pumping any dirty water in.

Could this be a pump issue then and not a water purifier issue. I would need a dev to confirm, unless they gave us access to console commands to try it out ourselves

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I think it's a pump issue and a purifier issue. The way the purifier works is it doesn't ask for sand until it has some contaminated water at its intake. It probably should. Your pump is also not working. That's why the purifier says Empty Pipe. Sometimes the pumps stop working if they switch from clean to dirty water. Usually saving and reloading the game or deleting and replacing the pump fixes it.

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