Errands Tabs on Debris Does Not Showing Any Errand

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There seems to be a bug in the "Errands" tab on debris lying on the ground, making it very hard to troubleshoot sweeping:
If you put a sweeping job on a bunch of Sandstone on the ground it will NOT show anything under "Available Errands" in the "errands" tab on the Sandstone. So we cannot see if someone is coming to sweep it or not. You have to manually click through your dupes and see if anyone is on their way to the sweep job. And if you do find a dupe that's on their way it won't show up as Sweeping on their "To-do list". It will show up as "Storing Sandstone", and not "Sweeping Sandstone".

This seems to be the case for all debris, with manual sweep jobs or automatic pickup.

Steps to Reproduce
1 - Manually select any debris with the Sweep tool 2 - Click on said debris and open the errands tab. Confirm it is not showing anything under "Available Errands" in the "Errands" tab.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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Not a bug. The errand is bound to the container/building where the material is going to be stored.

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