Endless store-drop loop

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Dupes try to store several 100kg of Sandstone, but it gets dropped instead. Repeats endlessly and kills all progress. Seems to persist during save/reload.


On some further experimentation, this seems to actually be a delivery bug for some construction. The dupes pick the material up, but then drop it instead of delivering it. 

Steps to Reproduce
Load attached save, watch the fun.

User Feedback


Hi @Gurgel,

There is a known issue with dupe paths being limited in distance through water.  You're right about it being construction related, it looks like dupes are trying to reach this construction site under water, however they're confused about which path to take, as they move around, their chosen path changes, leading to the issue you're seeing.

We've changed the way this works for the next update.  In the meantime, if you destroy the ladder on the left, so they won't try taking that path, your dupes should be able to reach the construction site and complete their jobs.


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