Pour a little of liquid,like water,on electrolyzer,then pour a little of other liquid (polluted water maybe) on it.The liquid may cover the hole electrolyzer without flooding it. Then the electrolyzer can keep working with no pressure limit,since the 4 cells of liquid have covered the pressure detection cells. This makes the overpressure mechanism of electrolyzer meaningless. With a little help of other  structures,the hydrogen and oxygen producted could be divided automaticly by the liquids,which makes the gas filter meaningless. The oxygen may be stored infinitely in part of the electrolyze room,preventing it from limiting the  continuous production of hydrogen.The hydrogen then,could be sufficient for 2 or 3 hydrogen generators for polluteless power generation. This ruins the power gameplay of whole game. Perhaps either this "trick" or the mechanism of pressure limit should be revised to uniform the gameplay.
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