Duplicants stopped using electric grill

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The duplicants stopppd using the electric grill and did not make fried mushroom or gristle berry, which are my only two food sources at the moment. Everyone started to starve even though I had the cook errand type set to high priority for every dupe. Not a single one decided to come and cook. I have plenty of mushroom and bristle berry and most duplicants are not all set to high priority on anything else.

Unfortunately a reload fixes the problem, but I am still attaching my save file and log files. Perhaps you can find the root of this problem :)


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i have the same bug my dupe that been cooking for over 300 cycles randomly stops doing it and goes do random other errands that have lower prioirty then the grill AND lower priority in the job priority menu, reloading always fixes it but it an anoying bug

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Have you tried emptying the storage of it, in case something decomposed in there and is now "stuck"?

It help med with this issue, just now (I tried empty storage after reading some other messages on this forum.)

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