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Duplicants running off to do work in a small time between downtime to bedtime

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I've been meaning to report this but kept forgetting it, anyway I've noticed that dupes lately will try and go do a task in the short change from downtime to bedtime and generally end up wasting time that they could have been sleeping (more a problem for slower dupes).

My schedule has no work time between down time and bed time.

Steps to Reproduce
Watch your duplicants run off to go do tasks in the short period between down time and bedtime.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback


You should link your save, for devs. ;)


And one small "stupid" question : just before bed time it's a downtime or a bathtime ?

During bathtime, duplicants can work if they don't need to use bathrooms. ;) 

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Note that I know when a task is set to yellow priority that they will run off to do the task then go to bed. This has happened without having yellow priority tasks.

Idyllic Acropolis.sav

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