Duplicants Pathing through Door w/o Access

Red Shark
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I have a Powered Airlock door with no Access Permissions. No dupe has custom access. Nonetheless, my duplicants will path through the door in order to perform errands (despite their being a longer route available that doesn't include the door).

I believe this is because the Dupilcant doesn't technically "use" the door in this case, translating directly from the top ladder tile to the enclosed room. (I was able to avoid the "Nature Reserve" buff from an active Nature Reserve by passing through a corner of it in a similar way)

Lo, but the Light Grows Dim.sav

Camille 1.png

Camille 2.png

Steps to Reproduce
Load the attached savefile. Wait for Camille to path "through" the door.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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As long as i remember, dupes can pass through doors that doesn't have a top AND a bottom tiles. Actually, there is no permission to avoid them going through the door from under or above it. So i'm not sure it's a bug.

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Hi @Red Shark,

As @Hasufel mentioned, access restrictions currently does not prevent dupes from entering a door from the bottom or top, regardless of what the left/right permissions are set to. If the door is built so that it has a solid tile on top and bottom, the access permissions should behave as you expect.


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So not a bug, but unintended feature. Got it! Consider this closed, then! After building a door one tile to the left, all is working as expected.

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