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Duplicants fail to care for their needs at high game speed

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Unsafe updates don't seem to properly trigger alarmed states in duplicants. When the game runs fast enough to cause heavy frameskip, duplicants will routinely make messes (usually right after waking up), trigger suffocation alerts in areas with lots of oxygen, and sometimes even begin starving.

This stops when the game speed is lowered.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Slow the computer down (background processes, huge colony full of pathing dupes etc.) 2. Set game speed high enough to cause heavy frameskip (~5 fps) 3. Wait
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User Feedback

have the same problem, dupes makeing messes, suffucate or get somtimes stuck juming on and off a ladder until they suffacte on fast speed, loweing speed solves this, sometimes they even suffocate 1 tile away from the oxygen they would need

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I have had dupes suffocate, starve to death and make messes. I think it happens when dupes is out of screen. Have been working on huge projekt and got 1 dupe starve to death and 4 starving. 

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