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Duplicant Stuck on Rocket, Can't Path Out

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Nails was sent to a nearby planet on a recon mission.  He successfully built a landing pad, landed the rocket, climbed back in, and blasted home.  When he returned home, I destroyed the trailblazer module instead of rebuilding it.  Everything shifted down.  Nails could not leave the rocket any more.

I tried adding and removing him from crew

I tried setting all access vs crew access


Mousing over the interior door in the interior view stated that duplicants were stopped by access restrictions.  No other duplicant could enter or leave either.  There were multiple layers of ladders in all directions and all heights directly surrounding the rocket and other duplicants could climb right up to the outer doors. 

Steps to Reproduce

Build a sugar rocket

Place ladders adjacent for full height of rocket

Place ladders with one tile gap from these adjacent ladders for full height of rocket

Place second column of ladders outside of these ladders

Send hero dup on a trailblazing mission

Have him survive and come back

Remove the trailblazing module without rebuilding it with its required resources.

Watch dups fail to enter/exit to do tasks

Watch hero slowly run out of food/asphyxiate. 

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