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Duplicant Motion Sensor bug when using Meterials Study Terminal

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

The setup: a Materials Study Terminal with a motion sensor and a lamp on the right. (See picture)

When a dupe comes to work the terminal (coming in from the right), the duplicant sensor flashes green when the dupe passes it to turn on the Materials Study terminal, then goes red again. When the dupe returns to work the machine, the motion sensor doesn't register the dupe. Meaning the light doesn't turn on.


Steps to Reproduce

Build a Materials Study Terminal with a lamp and motion sensor on the right (see pic). Have the dupe come in from the right to work the terminal.

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User Feedback

The animation lies. Dupe stands here:

If you put a weight plate or if the dupe has receivedĀ a balloon you can totally see that


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