Duplicant gets stuck when releasing backpressure on a disabled Oil Well

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 A duplicant only releases backpressure on an Oil Well when it's enabled. In my opinion:

1. It can be done regardless of the building's state

2. If Klei thinks it can only be done when the building is enabled, a dupe must continue to other errands if depressurizing errand is not possible at the moment.


Steps to Reproduce

Build an oil well and add a switch to it. When the dupe goes to release pressure, disable the building.

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User Feedback

This is actually worse than it seems, because there's three inter-related bugs.

1) Dupes can't release backpressure from a disabled oil well.  (This is easy to fix.  You can put a dupe sensor right above the oil well.  As a bonus, you can attach a light, so the dupe empties the well faster.)

2) Oil wells require water to allow releasing pressure.  This might not sound like a big problem, except that oil areas often get above 100C.  This means that the water will often boil in the pipes

3) Oil wells require water in the input pipe to empty the well, or produce oil.  To repeat that last bit, a well that contains 9kg of water, is unable to produce oil or be emptied, if the input pipe doesn't see water.  This is where everything 



These problems are exacerbated, since the well would usually be fed 95C water, which doesn't take much extra heat to boil.  All together, this is somewhat of a mess, where the bugs interact with eachother to boil water in your gas/oil room, making a mess.

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This problem has been reported for years and for so far i know never had a reaction from Klei and has never been fixed so i would say it's by design?

The Motion sensor should fix your problem, and for the water problem i have never ran into that problem.

I use water between 10 to 20 degrees Celsius and run that through 2 or 3 polymer presses to cool then down and then pass through my oil storage to cool it down a bit and then into the well, water temp is around 70c and the room also there is yust no way to get water to 95 degrees if you don't use to hot water, let say below 40+c.

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