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Duplicant entombed in a door after digging errand

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

My duplicant got entombed in a door after digging regolith. 


Steps to Reproduce

To reproduce the bug please load the attached save file, unpause, and wait for a few seconds. 

Build: FA-472345-B

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User Feedback

Do you have the "duplicants won't idle in doors" mod (something like that anyway) enabled? If so, it may be related to that mod, as I remember seeing a lot of comments about dupes being entombed in doorways. The mod page on steam had a solution for it I believe.

If you're not using that mod, and don't think an emergency dig would get them out in time, try saving and reloading to see if that pushes them out of the door and into an area they can get out of. 

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