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Dupes supplying without permission

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Dupes will supply buildings with Supplying, Storing and Tidying priority disallowed. At one point even ignoring doors without access permission to get the materials, but I couldn't replicate this after deconstructing and rebuilding the doors.

Steps to Reproduce

In my sandbox testing base I have hatch ranches that only ranchers can access, who have only Ranching priority enabled. The delivery of materials should only be done by automation, but the auto-sweepers will often just wait for the ranchers to do the job. I tested the same with cooks (having only Cooking enabled) supplying kitchen machines. I'm pretty sure this problem didn't occur in older patches.

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User Feedback

Always check the Errands tab for the building, sometimes the errand isn't the type you think it is! (and can vouch, this *is* how it has been for a long time! I've made this mistake a few times myself!)

Ranching Supply (Critter Feeders) is actually a Ranching task, not a Storage/Supply one like you'd think. Probably to "help" people who lock their Suppliers out of the Ranch like you just did.


Meanwhile, Cooking Supply (Microbe Musher, Electric Grill, Gas Range) is actually both Cooking *and* Supply, taking the higher priority when calculating:




For good measure I'm including the Fabrication Supply one here too, which is Operating/Supply:


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Ok, could be that I just missed or misremembered it. I haven't played that actively since April. If this is currently working as intended then this topic can be closed. Would be cool to have an Allow/Disallow Manual Use” checkbox similar to the ones on Conveyor Loaders/Receptacles on more things like Critter Feeders though.

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I usually put a storage bin next to the feeders, setting the capacity lower around 5000kg and put a sweeper arm reaching both. Then I set priorities to feeders lower to the storage bin (depending on the size of your colony, if there are many idle dupes even 1-2 would be a queued task)  so dupes fill up the storage bin and sweeper arm does the rest (a screenshot of your setup could help I think to identify if it's a bug or intended behavior ). I also set the capacity of feeders lower to stop the sweeper arm from working with every hatch bite






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