Dupes passing through door which they have no permission to do so.

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

I've had two instances tonight where duplicants passed through a door that had the default permissions set to Disallow for either direction. Both happened DIRECTLY after the morning lag.

Duplicants were able to open a mechanized airlock in which no one had permissions to enter. Its hard to see, but someone clipped it from my Twitch stream. Top left hand corner.

We actually talked about it for a minute afterwards trying to figure out what happened, and why the water got through the door.


Playing on the Ranching Branch from 03-18-2018 (the 2nd of the two that released today).

I can upload a save file if requested.

Steps to Reproduce
Unsure :( Looks like possible to reproduce if the door is the shortest path to a Priority 9 task, and other path is excessively long. DIRECTLY after sleeping and waking up, post morning lag. Both instances where it happened were directly after new cycle.

User Feedback

Save would really help to bust this if this is a bug or not

I've never experienced this behavior from dupes they always kept themselves away from doors that permission was disallowed unless the door was in pernament open state then permissions are ignored

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